German version below!


§ 1 Applicants must have reached the age of 18.

§ 2 Used Gameaccount must NOT contain ban! Old accounts are also included.

§ 3 In absolute exceptional cases, we still reserve the right to decide in favour of the player.

Trial Period

§ 4 The trial period is about exactly 2 weeks, i.e. 14 days, during which time the trial members must prove that they have understood the rules.

§ 5 Under certain circumstances, the trial period can be extended.


§ 6 Members have to respect each other and their privacies.

§ 7 Toxic behavior within teams and to other players will not be tolerated.

§ 8 Racially hostile comments will not be tolerated and will result in immediate kick out!

§ 9 Sportsmanlike conduct towards league and scrim opponents is mandatory.


§ 10 The use of cheats is forbidden here and will lead to immediate exclusion from the clan and the community.

§ 11 Whether a cheat was only tried out on a public or was used in a league match is not relevant.

Clantag & Association

§ 12 Each member should add a JS tag to his or her username.

§ 13 Each member may only belong to one clan. Exceptions are possible only with the express permission of an administrator.


§ 14 Every member must show interest in what is going on in the clan.

§ 15 The internal discord should be visited regularly and participation in surveys and discussions should be a matter of course.

§ 16 The use of the clan internal Teamspeak³ / Discord server should be a matter of course. We see the presence in TS3 / Discord while playing official games as a duty.

§ 17 Participation in clan meetings is desired. Punctual attendance and availability during the meeting is also desired.


§ 18 The teams are organisational units within the clan. Each team therefore has one or two team leads who takes over all the organisational work of the team.

§ 19 The team leads are authorised to issue instructions within the team and can make independent decisions that only affect the team and not the clan. Decisions that also affect the clan must be discussed with the management.

§ 20 All rules that apply within the teams, such as the training schedule, must not contradict the clan rules. All rules that would violate the clan rules automatically lose their validity.

§ 21 Each team commits previously defined value of its victory bonuses to the clan.

Section Heads

§ 22 All teams belonging to a certain game are leaded by a section head.

§ 23 The section heads are authorised to issue instructions within their section and can make independent decisions that affect the section not the clan. Decisions that also affect the clan must be discussed with the management.


§ 24 In case of violations of the rules, appropriate sanctions will be imposed.

§ 25 The specific sanctions are depending on the individual case and will be decided by the management and the team/section leads concerned.


§ 26 All things that are discussed within the clan must remain there.

§ 27 Each member is allowed to recruit other members for our clan.


§ 28 The management reserves the right to make changes at any time.

§ 29 Rule modifications will be announced within our discord / groups.

Who already recognizes that he gets problems with the compliance with the rules, please refrain from membership in our clan! This saves trouble and frustration, but keeps our fun!